Bienséance Discipline Clash vol. 2 (2021)

This year we add the opportunity to do the second round for our fake Rap Contenders show. We decided to step up our game with updated and more dynamic visuals and effects.
We ended up being two weeks late because of render time and bad timing but we were able to broadcast it live over youtube and in front of nearly 120 people. It’s really not the most politically correct show in the world but it’s a really creative and funny content to watch.

Bureau Des Conneries - Visual Identity 2021

This year, as our group grew, we started being noticed and decided to embrass fully the ‘Bullshit Bureau’ mood. Being strongly recongnized in the school now that we had beaten the student bureau with our sweatshirts,

I used nearly all of the designs created for the sweats to create a ‘collage’ of stickers. I also directed a short promotional video to announce our program for this year.

Bonne Déconne Concours (2020) - Visual Identity

We created our first merchandise contest to compete against the not-so-good-looking sweatshirt sold by the real student bureau of our school. It ended up being a real sucess as we doubled the number of sales they made.
As usual, I created a visual identity for the contest. We wanted to get something really flashy to contrast with other posters in the school.

I also created stickers and promotional videos for our newly launched Instgram page.

Bienséance Discipline Clash vol. 1 - Visual Identity 2020

For a fake Rap compilation made by a group of students from my school, I was tasked to create a visual identity and assets to legitimate the project.
For the EP cover and visuals of the EP itself, I took Samuel Lamidey’s (@raegular on Instagram) work on colors and Ben Mariott’s work on grain as an inspiration. It’s of course not an official EP.

Since it was made for students learning 3D animation, I’ve figured I could try to use colors inspired by Normal Maps.

The face and back of the disc.

a mockup made for a teaser and the poster we used to announce the event.

in the end, we ended up deciding to display the amazing music-clips created for the event during a live on Youtube. For this event, I was tasked to create a visual identity inspired by MTV and Rap Contenders Tv shows.
For the Logo I used old MTV logos as reference.