Reproduction of a personal photography in under a week made with Unity, a 3D game engine.
We had to recreate all the aspects of the reference picture and add animated character in using Mixamo. 
I’m pretty happy with the lookdev part and the visual result but it’s a bit less finished regarding the integration of the character. 

School Project - 2021

Reference image used :

References Gathering

To get started I decided to get the scale of the future 3D scene using maps extracted from Google Maps. This way I was able to quickly prototype the upcoming scene.

Ground Pattern recreated in Adobe Illustrator

I also studied how the Serre Numérique building was using basic tiles to create complexe pattern. I prototyped it in Adobe Illustrator to later know what to do in Substance Painter


I then proceeded to match the best I could the picture using a Camera and Aim Setup in Maya.

To gain some time I used the Quixel Megascans Librairy to import and quickly integrate plants.


On Substance Painter I recreated the best I could the tiles of the building and stamped the ground patterns on a Megascans Asphalt Surface.

Houdini Simulation

To place the tiles, I inspired myself from a procedural building tutorial for Houdini. It’s a bit overkill for this type of project but it was really fun and I learned a lot doing it. 

I also simulated a glass bottle being thrown on the ground to recreate “realistic” glass pieces. Using .alembic, I was then able to integrate the fully baked simulation in Unity.


Finally, I imported everything in Unity and started working on the lighting and realtime post-processing.


If you wanna see a more in depth breakdown of this project :